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fans of Dr. Rodney McKay and Dr. Radek Zelenka

Wondergeeks - Rodney & Radek
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Welcome to Wondergeeks, the community dedicated to the slash pairing of Dr. Rodney McKay and Dr. Radek Zelenka from the show Stargate Atlantis. Anything McKay/Zelenka is encouraged, from discussion to fanfiction and fanart, icons, and everything inbetween.

Some guidelines for posting:

The Stargate: Atlantis fandom (and fans of Radek Zelenka in particular) tends to cover more than just inside the U.S. Keeping that in mind, please consider all discussion of aired episodes spoilers. Fic, discussion, screencaps, etc. should go behind a live journal cut tag with warnings for the spoilers. (Similarly, if you click on a cut that says "Discussion for Duet", expect to be spoiled for that ep and all previous. This is a two-way street.)

Posts should be on topic. While most of us are big fans of Stargate in general, this community focuses on McKay & Zelenka [gen] (and McKay/Zelenka [slash pairing]). If your story has multiple pairings, McKay/Zelenka should be the main one or focus of the fic; if it's a situation where it starts out McKay/Zelenka but ends up Dex/Zelenka, please post to appropriate communities (such as atlantis_slash and zedexa). Thank you for your understanding.

All ratings of fic are welcome, but please give an appropriate rating and/or warnings and labels. Given that the community is about two men, slash fiction is not only welcome, it's most likely to be the norm (although gen that focuses on the characters with no other pairing of McKay or Zelenka is also welcome).

Adult (NC-17 and up) rated fic, art, etc should be behind an LJ cut and flagged as such.

Debate is fine but personal attacks or trolling make the baby Jesus cry (and gives the mods headaches).

Happy posting!