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A Rodney/Radek series set in a fantasy crossover AU

Hello nearly dead comm! Us is sad to see things so quiet here, but I will post this little effort of mine in hopes of stirring you last few GeekLove fans out there:

The Last Changeling -a fantasy crossover AU

Rodney McKay is a Changeling: a human kidnapped by fairies and raised by them, in the Fae Realms, while a false duplicate (with a fiery expiration date of ten years) was raised by his parents. Exiled back in the Mortal world at age 14, he eventually comes to find a place at the SGC, inevitably becoming Head of Sciences of the Atlantis Expedition. There a great number of Fae and half Fae find a place, both in the civilian and military ranks, including his head engineer -a full blooded werewolf, the CMO -a 300 year old centaur, and the Military leader of the expedition, who is secretly a vampire.

Unexpected friendships and more are formed, as the expedition discovers the secrets of Atlantis and finds a way to survive and make allies in the distant Pegasus Galaxy.

Introduction and Background

Tale the First: Claim

Tale the Second: Revelation

Tale the Third: Protector

Tale the Fourth: New Wings

Tale the Fifth: Family

Tale the Sixth: Chains

Tale the Seventh: Consequences
There is one gap remaining to be bridged between our three heroes, and when it is the consequences will entangle an unexpected third party.

Tale the Eighth: Truth
With out heroes scattered, separated and exiled, those who remain do what they can to bring them back, and Rodney McKay forges ahead with a plan no one can quite fathom.

Tale the Ninth: Detente
Now that our heroes are reunited, Carson's trial concluded favorably and the age old exile of Wolves and Vampires from the Realms lifted, a single problem remains: how will our heroes be able to return to Atlantis. Help comes from an unexpected quarter.

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