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"Mine, Chapter2" by tarapierson, McKay/Zelenka

Title: “Mine” Chapter 2
Author: tarapierson (Marie Whi Mitshue)
Pairing: McKay/Zelenka
Characters: McKay, Zelenka, Lorne, Sheppard, Ronon, Carson, Elizabeth, Teyla
Rating: PG-13
Warning: violence, little blood
Summary: Rodney bellowed, a wordless, screaming roar, and lunged again, so hard the bed moved, the frame creaking and squealing with strain
Notes: UNBETAED. Until TPTBs give Lorne a first name canonically, I’m going with “Nicolas”.
SHORT BIT, for sammy38, for reminding me about it (hangs head) and all those others (any others?) waiting for it! Sorry, but uni is swamping me. I should have been writing a history paper, instead, I wrote this chapter. Enjoy!

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“There’s nothing wrong with him.”

Carson Beckett flinched back under the combined weight of five incredulous glares. He turned slightly, looking down at Rodney, who was unconscious on the bed beside him, dressed now in white scrubs, restrained at ankle and wrist, simply waiting for one of the others to react to his flatly-voiced statement. The curving scratch on Rodney’s left cheek and temple had scabbed over, and Carson wondered absently what had caused the long, shallow wound, back on whatever planet it was they’d been off on. The nurse had cleaned the blood away from that minor injury when she had been cleaning up the bullet graze near the hairline on the right side of Rodney’s forehead. The small, white bandage over the graze drew Carson’s eye, made him swallow, stomach sick at how close they’d come to losing Rodney, and to losing him to self-harm.

When the explosion came, he’d expected it to be John or Ronon, perhaps even Elizabeth.

Kurva, how could there be nothing wrong with him?!” Radek growled, dragging Carson back to face them with a surprisingly strong grip on his upper arm. Radek still had Rodney’s blood staining his science-blue, V-neck shirt in a spatter of drying red-brown, though he’d been quick to wipe it from his face when he’d remembered it was there, across mouth and nose and cheek. “He acted like, like…” A spate of impassioned Czech flew out as Radek’s usually excellent English failed him in his exasperated, furious worry, and John stepped forward.

“Carson, he was convinced that Lorne was a threat to Radek. Convinced we all were! He was so sure of it, he threatened all of us with a loaded weapon, and shot a guard in the shoulder! And when he thought he’d failed to protect him, he tried to shoot himself! Rodney, the king of self-preservation! And he would have succeeded in putting a goddamned bullet in his goddamned planet-sized brain, if it hadn’t been for Lorne’s quick thinking in grabbing a stunner, and Radek managing to get the muzzle away from Rodney’s temple! Does that sound like there’s nothing wrong with him?!”

“Yes, man, I know that! I know there’s something verry wrong with Rodney! But all the tests have come back normal! I can’ae detect anything!” Carson snarled back, as equally upset and worried about his findings as they were, brogue thickening with emotion.

“But we – “ Radek began to speak, scrubbing his hands through already messed hair – and then stopped, mouth open, eyes wide and locked on something past Carson.

Carson turned. Rodney, who should be sleeping the slumber of the sedated for several more hours, had his eyes half-open, vivid blue glinting beneath thick, long lashes.

“Rodney!’ Radek was past Carson so fast, the doctor wondered if he’d managed to find someway to teleport. “Are you all right?”

Rodney blinked slowly, staring up at them blankly. His gaze flitted from one person to another, but there wasn’t a flicker of anything in those blue eyes; no emotion, no intelligence… no recognition.

“R-Rodney?” Radek faltered, uncertain under that impersonal, blank stare. The contrast from the man willing to kill himself, as well as others, for Radek, to this, was like a kick in the gut, it was so unexpected.

Carson gently moved him back, intending to examine his patient, and figure out why he was awake. A slight movement caught his eye: Rodney’s right arm was twisting and straining against the restraint, the slow steadiness of it belying the amount of strength he was using. Even as Carson watched, the edge of the restraint dug into his wrist, blood welling up to streak the pale skin of Rodney’s inner arm. Crimson started to drip onto the pristine white of the sheet covering Rodney, and Carson heard Radek gasp. Uneasy swirled in the doctor’s stomach and he turned to call a nurse to bring a sedative.

With a sharp snap! the restraint broke loose of the bed and Rodney’s right hand darted out, quick as a striking snake, grabbing Carson by the back of his lab coat. Carson found himself airborne, and then he slammed into something, his breath leaving him, blackness smoothing him as pain stomped all over him with hobnailed boots.

Rodney’s blank expression didn’t change. The astrophysicist hadn’t even turned his head to watch Carson slam into the infirmary wall; as soon as his hand was free again, he reached for Radek.

John and Ronon were beside the scientist by then, though, guards streaming into the room, nurses and doctors running to help their crumpled chief. Elizabeth grabbed a nurse to get the sedative, and Teyla dealt with an overzealous new marine who’d been about to shoot Rodney.

Ronon grabbed Rodney’s wrist, muscles bulging as he restrained the abnormal strength Rodney had somehow gained, as John yanked Radek back. Rodney’s blood-speckled fingers brushed against Radek’s shirtfront as he was pulled away, but got no grip.

Rodney bellowed, a wordless, screaming roar, and lunged again, so hard the bed moved, the frame creaking and squealing with strain. The restraint around his left wrist broke, leaving Ronon struggling to just hold onto him.

Rodney bellowed again, and snapped the restraints around his ankles like they were rubber bands. He threw Ronon aside like he was nothing, the big Satedan slamming into Sheppard and sending the both of them into Teyla, knocking all three of them to the floor.

Lorne came running in with a stunner just as Rodney got to his feet, blood spattered in bright trails on his arm and scrubs. Chest heaving, fists clenching, Rodney’s eyes were locked on Radek, emotion burning in his eyes, though his face remained expressionless. A small, frightening growl escaped the astrophysicist and he took a step forward towards the smaller Czech.

Lorne fired the stunner, hitting him point blank with a blast.

Rodney didn’t fall this time. He paused, glanced down at his chest where the stunner had hit, then looked up again, gaze moving from Radek to Lorne.

Those blue eyes were filled with raging, berserker fury and hatred, face now twisted in a snarl. Rodney screamed again, a violent, wild howl, and charged towards Lorne.

The major’s eyes widened, but that’s all he had the time to do before Rodney slammed into him like the hammer of God.

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