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Fic: Ties of Apology (NC-17)

Title: Ties of Apology
Author: maria8475
Summary: Radek is annoyed; Rodney needs to make it up to him.
Genre: PWP (what is wrong with me?)
Pairing: Rodney/Radek
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Post “Critical Mass” so spoilers for that episode.
Disclaimer: Not mine, yadda yadda.
Notes: Huge beta thanks to azicrow and noctuabunda who both helped make this much better than it was. Any remaining mistakes are, of course, my own fault.

Rodney looked up from his conversation with Carson to see that Radek had returned from M7G677.

"Hey, look who's back!" He found his face had broken out into a huge smile, which had very little to do with the man’s current appearance. ‘Since when has he had the ability to do that to me?’ he mused. Realising that he was still smiling openly in a corridor, he quickly covered himself with, “it's Mister Mom! Have fun with the kids?"

For a moment he thought Radek was going to walk straight past them, but then he turned. "Do not even speak to me", Radek responded in what sounded like genuine annoyance. Rodney tried to take it seriously, ‘but how could he when the other man’s mouth was doing that adorable thing where his lips curled up and oh god kissing in public would be bad.’ He brushed off the thought with a smile.

He gave the Czech a few minutes, then muttered something to Carson and Cadman about needing to check power reserves and followed Radek to his quarters.

He knocked but wasn’t surprised when there was no answer, so he overrode the door controls and entered anyway. Radek was in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, ineffectually trying to remove the pieces of straw from his hair.

“Here, let me help,” he offered.

“Leave. Now.”

“Now, now, Radek, there’s no need to be petulant. Or have you been spending too much time around children?” He replied with a smirk, but reached up to untie one of the bands in the other man’s hair.

“In future, if you truly wish to help, you can do so by sending someone else to that juvenile planet.”

"The EM field is vital for those kids. You know I couldn't have trusted anyone less competent." Rodney purred softly into Radek's ear, his fingers removed another one of the hair ties.

“Please, you just didn't want to deal with those kids yourself." Radek muttered darkly, refusing to be influenced by the flattery.

"Well, yes there was that too," Rodney conceded with a smug smile. Radek just glared at him. "Hey, it's not like things were a picnic back here either.” His expression sobered. "I was forced to work with Cadman!"

Radek maintained his annoyed look, but his eyes betrayed a hint of a smile. “I see, so you are only here because you are coming down from yet another adrenaline surge and have excess energy to burn.”

“Yes, that was the plan. I didn’t expect you to complain about it this much. Maybe I should just leave?”

“No, no, I’m feeling magnanimous, you can stay. However I refuse to have sex in this state.”

Rodney laughed and kissed him. Radek took control of the kiss, and teased Rodney with his tongue. He lightly licked the inside of his mouth, then pulled back and repeated it until Rodney was gasping in his mouth.

Rodney broke off the kiss and turned the other man around so he was spooning him from behind. He nuzzled at his neck, tasting the bitterness of the paint. He gently removed the remainder of the straw from Radek’s hair, taking every opportunity to run his fingers through it, appreciating the softness. He took off Radek’s jacket and kissed down his shoulder. Radek encouraged him with a low moan. Rodney yanked off the shirt next and was surprised to see the brightly coloured paint was smeared over his chest too.

“Just how far did these kids go?”

“Continue like this and you will see for yourself.” Radek smirked at him.

“No, actually you need a shower.” He kneeled down in front of him and pulled off Radek’s shoes and socks. Then took off his trousers and briefs too. Radek’s erect cock was at eye level and he couldn’t resist burying his face in the thick curls around its base. He deeply breathed in the musky, heady scent.

He stayed there, reluctant to move, until Radek tugged him up. He tried to protest, but Radek cut him off. “In my experience, shared showers work much better when all parties concerned are naked.” Radek said and went to work undressing him. They both stepped into the shower together.

Rodney turned it on and adjusted it to the correct temperature and pressure with a thought. He reached for the soap, rubbing it in his hands until he had a large amount of rich, bubbly lather. He carefully scrubbed Radek’s face, trying his best to remove all of the paint. He waited until the hot stream of water washed it away before kissing each of his closed eyes. He moved on to his mouth, along his jaw and behind his ears. Radek hummed in contentment.

Rodney’s hands ran down Radek’s back, half cleaning, half stroking. He then moved on to washing the man’s chest, impressed as always at the definition of muscle he had for someone who spent so much of his time in a lab. He caressed a nipple, which earned him a sigh of pleasure.

His hands continued to work down, over the slight bulge of his belly, into his belly button. He knew this would make Radek squirm and enjoyed the feeling. He progressed down and then back up muscular legs. His foamed up hands groped Radek’s ass, round and just a little soft. One slicked finger found his hole and pushed in. The throaty, needy sounds his lover was making tore away at his self-control and he took Radek’s cock in his mouth. He swirled his tongue over the head, then took the whole length in his mouth and sucked, alternating between going soft and hard. He was finger fucking him with the same rhythm. Radek closed his eyes, surrendering himself completely to Rodney. He came with a shout, crying out Rodney’s name.

He leaned back against the shower wall and pulled Rodney up close in a hug. He felt Rodney’s hard erection against his thigh and purposefully ignored it with a small smile. They stood like that, under the water, for several moments.

Radek switched off the shower and stepped out. He dragged Rodney with him and reached for a towel. He dried them both off lightly, careful to avoid the sensitive areas on his lover’s body.

“Radek, I don’t want to sound like I’m ungrateful, but what are you waiting for?”

“Shh Milacku, do you trust me?” Radek whispered seductively in Rodney’s ear.

“Umm...sure...yes,” Rodney struggled with the answer, knowing that the wrong one would definitely mean no sex.

“Good.” Radek had a predatory look in his eyes, which sent shivers down Rodney. Radek entwined their fingers and led him toward the bed. He pushed him down on his back and climbed up on top of him. He pressed wet, sloppy kisses onto his mouth until he felt Rodney relax underneath him. He then leaned to get something out of the bedside drawer.

“Ah, good, lube,” Rodney said.

“Hmm actually I had thought maybe we could try something a little different tonight.” Radek replied, a little shyly. Rodney looked down at what he was holding and blushed.

“Radek, I had no idea you were so kinky.”

“I thought it might be fun,” Radek looked at the rope wistfully, “but if you would rather not…”

“No! Not that all! That’s fine.” Rodney replied, his breathing becoming a little erratic. “Anything you want.” The predatory gleam was back in Radek’s eyes.

Radek tied all four of Rodney’s limbs to the legs of the bed, ensuring they were held tightly in place with strong knots. He leisurely explored his lover’s stretched body with his mouth and hands. Small movements designed to excite nerve endings all over Rodney’s body; enough to make his breath catch and his skin tingle, but not enough to make him come.

He licked down his neck and used his teeth to mark the junction where it met his shoulder, high enough for it to be seen underneath his uniform. Rodney gasped, desperate to touch, “ooh, so good, please,” he managed to stutter meaninglessly.

He kissed down his arms, tracing the man’s well-developed biceps with his tongue. He licked down his chest and abdomen, running his fingers through the coarse hair. He sucked one nipple than the other, eliciting a whimper from Rodney. After long minutes of tantalising he reached Rodney’s cock, which was painfully hard now and paused, moving away slightly with a smile.

“Radek please, don’t stop!” Rodney begged causing Radek’s smile to become wider. He bent down, his mouth incredibly close but not touching Rodney’s length and blew warm breath over it. Rodney tried to buck his hips, arch up closer, anything to get some contact but he’d been tied too well. His face was distorted in both pleasure and pain. He choked in an agonised tone, “come on, stop teasing me already!”

Radek leaned over him so that they were eye to eye. He rested on his forearms so that they still weren’t touching. “Rodney, it’s not very nice to send me to deal with annoying kids because you do not want to, is it?” He asked in an overly righteous tone.

“Nope, it was very wrong of me. I’m really sorry. I’ll never do it again.” Rodney replied frantically. Sweat was streaking down his hair and face. His brilliant blue eyes were dazed and half shut.

“Good. Now we need to ensure that you have truly learnt that lesson.” He answered, as he moved off the bed and slowly dressed in an exhibitionist style, like some sort of bizarre reverse strip tease.

Rodney could feel his heart pounding in his chest. “What the hell are you doing?” He asked in that same frantic manner.

Radek finished dressing and walked towards the door.

“Radek! No, please, you can’t leave me like this! God.” Rodney tried pleading. Seeing that it had no effect, he changed tactics. “My back, I can’t stay here, it’s probably already caused irreversible damage.” This speech was becoming more and more hysterical.

Radek simply turned, blew him a kiss and walked out.


Radek paced up and down the corridor, locked in an internal battle between wanting to go back and waiting long enough to convince Rodney he wasn’t coming back. He decided after a few minutes that it was enough and strolled back in.

“Radek! You irritating little bastard!” Rodney shouted as soon as he heard the door open.

“Rodney, be nice or I will have to leave again,” Radek admonished.

For once, Rodney bit his reply and stayed silent, although Radek could tell he was still fuming. “Now we are equal,” he said moving towards the bed and rapidly removing his clothes.

“Yes, yes, fine. We’re equal. Just untie me already so I can fuck you into the mattress.” Radek whimpered at the suggestion but replied with, “No, as usual, Rodney, I have a better idea.”

In way of demonstration he placed a kiss on the crooked corner of Rodney’s mouth. He moved up to nibble his ear, his hands ran down Rodney’s upper body, stroking over sensitised skin. Rodney gasped, “no more foreplay, just get on with it already!” Radek smiled at the tone of desperation but moved to his lover’s now softened cock. He fondled his balls and placed a kiss on the tip of his cock. Rodney moaned and was instantly hard again.

Radek took out a condom and smoothed it on to Rodney’s thick cock. He then applied lube to his fingers and stretched himself for his partner. Rodney’s breaths were coming in short pants now and he was making small needy sounds, not quite able to form words at the sight of his lover preparing himself.

When he was ready he positioned himself over the other man’s cock and sunk down on it slowly, watching Rodney’s face for signs of pain. Seeing only lust, he moved in deeper, until they couldn’t get any closer. He stilled for a moment, enjoying the fullness of having Rodney inside him. He pulled back, just as slowly, until he was almost out and then repeated the movement, slightly faster.

“Oh god! Yes! Radek, move,” Rodney babbled. Radek moved again, up and down, picking up speed. He was fucking himself on Rodney’s cock, taking them both quickly to climax. Rodney groaned and shuddered underneath him until he was sent over the edge, coming inside Radek, in waves of blinding heat. Feeling Rodney break inside him triggered Radek’s own orgasm, splattering copious amounts of come over them both.

Exhausted, he moved off and reached to untie Rodney, who immediately pulled Radek close to him, legs wrapped around his waist. They lay together on the narrow bed, neither of them having the energy to speak for a few minutes. Until Rodney kissed him tenderly on the forehead and remarked lazily, “I think you may need to rethink your punishment plans. If that is what I get for sending you on missions you don’t enjoy, I’m going to have to start doing it more regularly.”

“Ah, see as this is a first offence, I’m letting you off with warning. Next time...well I’d rather not think about that.” Radek replied with a cryptic grin before he cuddled closer to his lover and gently drifted into sleep with his head resting on his chest and his arms encircling him.
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